Business Partners

NairoBits works with a community of business partners who take up our students for job placements after training completion. Over the years, we have worked with BPOs, Advertising Agencies, Cooperates, NGOs and SMEs who have created a safe space for our students to utilize their ICT skills to develop solutions, taking them on for internships that later translate to full time employment. We currently work with more than 30 business partners, with the number growing due to increased demand of a NairoBits workforce.

Over the years,  we have partnered with organizations such as Digital Opportunity Trust and Junior Achievement Kenya in facilitating entrepreneurship sessions that help our students to define their business scope and develop a unique and sustainable business canvas model. As such, we have seen a significant number of our alumni running successful enterprises leveraging on their technology skills.

Our business partners also offer support through:

Exposure Visits: 

Our students visit our business partners companies to shadow career experts in real time, picking up lessons on career building, managing productivity in the work environment, and applying skills learnt on a daily basis for maximum value and efficiency.

Guest Lectures:

Experts from Corporates give talks on the current market trends and needs, ensuring that our students are up to date with job place expectations, and are able to constantly upscale their skills. Our guest lecturers share their real life experiences and offer advice as needed by the students.


Our business partners play a vital role in nurturing and guiding our students throughout the course of the training program and beyond. We believe in providing a hands on approach and forming a bond that will allow organic and meaningful growth for our youth, establishing meaningful and life long impact.

Awards Sponsorship:

Corporates sponsorship enables us to reward our students during occasions such as graduations. Our awards sponsorship package covers an array of items that are practical and useful to our receivers career growth and skill training after completion of the course.


Corporates donate financial and operational resources to the organization and students, enabling us to focus on our mission at hand, educating and empowering the youth. Financial and in-kind donations are welcome and encouraged.


Over the years, NairoBits has partnered with community based organizations in the informal settlements to host our satellite learning centers an act as our community champions of change. Our method of working together ensures that our students are able to access the learning centers with ease, by having them close to their homes. This enables us to reach, identify and mobilize youth who need training.

Our CBOs help spread awareness on our training and are active participants during the recruitment process as well as the entire training period. They provide a safe space for our students to learn, practice their skills and thrive at the community and professional level. Partnering with CBOs ensures that we put the community first, building the skills of the youth for meaningful impact that changes the quality of life for families living in the community.

Our first CBO partnership was 19 years ago, was the Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA). Since then, we have grown and opened centers such as CFK _ Carolina For Kibera, KCYP _ Kibera Community Youth Program, Majimazuri, YIKE – Youth Initiative Kenya, One stop, Seed, Vitda, Shofco, Mathare roots, FHOK – Family Health Options Kenya among others.

Our current centers are Mama Bits at the GoDown Arts Center,  KGSA (Kibera Girls Soccer) in Kibera, Carolina for Kibera(CFK) in Kibera, YIKE in Kariobangi, Koch Hope in Korogocho and Mukuru center in Mukuru kwa Reuben.


NairoBits is proud to have a diverse range of donors who believe in our vision and provide support for our programs to run.  Over the years, the support has increased our capacity to educate youth from the informal settlements, growing from 20 students to over 6,000+ in 19 years. Without their support and commitment, our work wouldn’t be possible.

NairoBits has received support from Alquity Investment, Swift, Butterfly Works, Digital Opportunity Trust(DOT), Local Expertise Council – Kenya (LEC), Terres des Hommes, Edukans, Learn 4 Work, Stars Foundation, Rutgers, European Union, International Youth Fund, Samsung Real Dreams, Malala Fund among others.


NairoBits first graduating class in the year 2000 had 20 students, who by the end of two months had made their own websites with self made photos of their city,stories, self portraits and had taken part in an online exchange with Dutch students. The works made were exhibited in the National Museum of Kenya,  the first digital exhibition to ever take place at the museum.

We have since grown to over 6000+ alumni over a span of 18 years. Our alumni can be found in all sectors across the country and beyond, making remarkable strides in ICT, Civil Society, Fashion, Music, Community work, Politics to name a few.

Our alumni accelerate NairoBits’ mission in a variety of ways. A large majority of our staff are made up of alumni, whose passion to educate the youth continues to scale our work. They play a huge role in equipping our students with skills in design and coding, as well as mentoring and guiding their talents and aspirations.

Our alumni also give back to the NairoBits family by hosting guest training sessions, acting as mentors to new cohorts of students, supporting our fundraising efforts and mobilizing more youth who need enhanced employability skills to change their lives.