Business Partners

NairoBits trust works in partnership with corporate companies, who take up our trained students for internships that build up to employment opportunities. This growing network of partners has solidified our position in the ICT sector as a leading organization with successful alumni, who can be found across the country and beyond.
Our business partners also offer support through:
• Exposure Visits – Student visits to corporate offices to expose them to corporate environment.
• Guest Lectures – Experts from Corporates give talks / training in market trends.
• Mentorship – Experts select students to mentor through the training period.
• Awards Sponsorship – Corporates sponsor awards for students during graduation.
• Donation – Corporates donate financial and operational resources to students.


NairoBits partners with community based organizations in the informal settlements to host our satellite learning centers. Over the years, we have partnered with more than 30 CBOs across all informal settlements in Nairobi that act as our local community champions. This enables us to reach, identify and mobilize youth who need training.

Our current centers are Mama Bits at the GoDown Arts Center,  KGSA (Kibera Girls Soccer) in Kibera, Carolina for Kibera(CFK) in Kibera, YIKE in Kariobangi, Koch Hope in Korogocho and Mukuru center in Mukuru kwa Reuben.


Programs at NairoBits are mainly funded and supported by partners who believe in the work we do and recognize the value of banking on educating our youth for a skilled generation and better tomorrow.

NairoBits has received support from Alquity Investment, Swift, Butterfly Works, Digital Opportunity Trust, Local Expertise Council – Kenya (LEC), Terres des Hommes, Edukans, Learn 4 Work, Stars Foundation, Rutgers, European Union, International Youth Fund, Samsung Real Dreams, Malala Fund among others.


NairoBits first graduating class in the year 2000 had 20 students. We have since grown to over 6000+ alumni over a span of 18 years. Our alumni can be found in different sectors across the world such as technology, private sector, creative art, even the military. We value our alumni network, who play a key role in championing the impact of our training.

Our alumni also give back to NairoBits through facilitating mentorship sessions, supporting our fundraising efforts and mobilizing more youth who need enhanced employability skills to change their lives.