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07 June 2021


NairoBits is proud to announce a Business Mentorship and Support Programme in partnership with Mkono. Mkono is a young non-profit organization, incorporated in Canada with operations in Kenya, that gives young entrepreneurs access to affordable capital and business success insights. [...]

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04 May 2021

Computer Science Unplugged. Kids can code too!

We live in a digital world and in many ways computer science is defining the future. While the sub-sector is characterized by coding, computer science is more than code. Solving complex problems and automating everyday functions using computing systems requires a lot of creativity and problem solving skills. So, why not build these skills for the future generations at young ages?[...]

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03 May 2021


Giorgia Lupi, a renowned German visual artist once said that data represents real life, and that it is a snapshot of the world, in the same way that a picture catches a small moment in time. Perhaps she was inspired by how people’s perceptions are shaped by their interpretations of information known about each other and where they come from.[...]

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12 March 2021

Towards an Equal Future - The NairoBits Women

If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go with others! You most definitely must’ve heard of that African proverb, right? Well, different contexts can make meaning out of it, but for NairoBits, it is core to our work - Partnerships are a key ingredient for our success. On Monday 8th March, 2021, the World marked the International Women’s Day 2021 under the theme “Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World.”[...]

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Our Programs

ICT Training

Goal: 50000
So Far: 2000

Our training is carried out by a team of well-trained designers and developers who incorporate hands on training approach, finding a good balance between practice and theory. We understand the value of ensuring every student is well catered for and has the necessary tools and skills required to be empowered.



Goal: 1000
So Far: 200

Nairobits understands that the world is ever changing and with it comes, new generation of norms and trends. When working with young people, it’s our duty to ensure that they're able to understand and maximize their skill set. NairoBits is able to do this through our Life skills Program.


Entrepreneurship program

Goal: 3000
So Far: 1500

Innovation and creativity are one of our strongest components when it comes to our training, this is why we take a Start-Up approach in our training. With ICT taking up a bigger role in today's world,we're building the next  future of innovators and creators.


Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights Program

Goal: 6000
So Far: 5100

With a proposed goal of ensuring that all young people are empowered to realize their sexual reproductive health and rights in societies that are positive towards young people’s sexuality, the SRHR Program employs a multi-component approach aimed at achieving universal coverage of quality SRH-services, increasing provision of comprehensive sexuality education, reducing poverty and achieving gender equality.



Goal: 4000
So Far: 2000

Working in the informal settlements brought to light the drastic issues affecting young girls in their day to day life, such as high dropout rates in school, early pregnancies and early marriage, making them miss out on opportunities due to an inadequate job skill set. NairoBits seeks to actively bridge these issues by advocating for equal educational skills and access opportunities for girls from the informal settlements.


Self Sponsored Training

Goal: 10000
So Far: 6500

In March 2016, Nairobits Trust relaunched the Self-sponsored training program,  which offers its services to students looking to learn, enhance and advance their ICT skills within a short time-frame, making the program practical, time-friendly, cost effective and innovative.  The enrollment takes place quarterly and courses covered include; Basic computer packages, Graphic Design, Web Design and Development.



300 students educated per year

6,000+ alumni

7 centers within 6 informal settlements

Educated and empowered youth with employability skills


NairoBits trust works in partnership with corporate companies, who take up our trained students for internships that build build up to employment opportunities.