• Self Sponsored Training (IGA)

    This program offers services to people seeking to learn or build theirĀ  ICT skills within a short period. The three month courses covered include; Basic computer packages, programming and coding, incorporating a skills based approach that matches the current market needs.

  • ICT Consultancy Service

    We offer a wide range of consultancy services to individuals, companies and non-profit organizations. Our services includes website development, brand design and development, videography, data entry, branding, ICT training, skills based capacity building sessions etc, ensuring high quality output of work and implementation.

  • Endowment Fund

    Guided by our investment policy, NairoBits established a fund to pool resources as a financial asset and invest it to generate income geared towards ensuring long-term financial health of the organization and its beneficiaries.This fund was set up and will continue to grow through support from our donors and partners.

  • Premises Fund

    To allow continuity of our vision as an organization, one of our key goals as an organization is property ownership. This will allow us room for growth and to accommodate more beneficiaries, while ensuring flexibility of creativity and innovation to carry out our work is maintained.We are currently in the fundraising phase and welcome engagement from supporters to help accelerate our goal.