Working in the informal settlements has exposed us to issues affecting young girls in their day to day life, such as high dropout rates in school, early pregnancies and early marriage.

These girls miss out on opportunities due to lack of adequate skillset needed. NairoBits is bridging this by advocating for equal educational skills and access opportunities for girls from the informal settlements.

In 2015, Nairobits in partnership with the Malala Fund opened 3 Girl centers targeting marginalized girls aged 17 to 19 from the informal settlements. The training is conducted in three satellite centers in Kibera, Korogocho and Kariobangi.

To achieve this Nairobits works with Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to reach the most vulnerable girls and actively involve business companies to provide information on skills demands and job market, train and thereafter offer job placements for the girls who successfully complete the training. This kind of model provides relevant hands on skills for the girls; therefore channeling qualified and skilled girls to meet the needs of the labor market.