Self Sponsored Training

In March 2016, Nairobits Trust relaunched the Self-sponsored training program,  which offers its services to students looking to learn, enhance and advance their ICT skills within a short time-frame, making the program practical, time-friendly, cost effective and innovative.  The enrollment takes place quarterly and courses covered include; Basic computer packages, Graphic Design, Web Design and Development.

The classes take a duration of 3 months, followed up with a Course exam and project presentation prior to successful completion. The program caters to specialized learning from the onset, with students grouped into their respective areas of interest, Graphic Design or Web development.

Our international based curriculum covers extensive market research backed information, ensuring that our students receive quality education with a good balance between theory and practice. Our web developers graduate with efficient skills in Web Design & Development Process with an Introduction to HTML & CSS while our graphic designers graduate with efficient skills in Design vs Art, Elements & Principles of Design, Design Process and Colour & personality.

Our extensive course outline ensures a smooth integration into the job market skill set needs, making skills implementation at work easier and ensuring a solid base for freelancers and entrepreneurs.