NairoBits is proud to announce a Business Mentorship and Support Programme in partnership with Mkono. Mkono is a young non-profit organization, incorporated in Canada with operations in Kenya, that gives young entrepreneurs access to affordable capital and business success insights. Cognizant that young entrepreneurs in developing countries hold the potential to achieve lasting change and that these are well positioned to drive social and economic benefits by creating employment or by developing solutions tailored to their reality, Mkono steps up to bridge some of their most pressing challenge gaps, notably of business mentorship, and insufficient funding or flawed financing options with high interest rates. 
The programme is open to all our alumni who own and run businesses and social enterprises, and who are interested in exploring their full business potential. Eligible entrepreneurs will be matched with Mkono allies, who are young seasoned professionals with deep business expertise. Over the course of 3-4 months, three mentorship sessions would be conducted to support.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applicants should be former NairoBits students (alumni), who own businesses.
  2. Entrepreneurs must be young people aged between 18-40 years.
  3. Businesses must be duly registered and operational in Kenya.

Apply to the program by 15th June 2021 on this link.

Programme Cycl

Step 1Call for ApplicationA formal call for application into the programme which allows applicants sufficient time to submit their applications. 4th – 15th June, 2021
Step 2Eligibility Review, Selection and CommunicationA review of all applications and selection of businesses/entrepreneurs who meet the minimum criteria. Communication to successful businesses.18th June, 2021
Step 3Mkono Information Session A webinar/information session sensitizing all businesses/entrepreneurs who have expressed an interest into the programme on the Mkono offering.25th June, 2021
Step 4Onboarding and CommencementSuccessful businesses begin their mentorship programme.1st July. 2021
Step 5Programme Implementation tracking and continuous evaluationMentorship programme monitoring and evaluation of the mentorship. Continuous all through the Programme.