Microwork & Digital Payments Pilot

In Kenya, only 17% of the working population is formally employed, and those between the ages of 15-34 account for 84% of the unemployed population. The digital economy presents a significant opportunity for Kenya’s unemployed youth to engage in meaningful work and microwork, in particular, presents a unique opportunity for vulnerable, unskilled youth to engage in income generating activity utilizing their existing mobile devices. While there is a small community of Kenyan workers engaging in microwork, barriers to acceptance and inclusion have prevented a stronger adoption.  

In partnership with Celo Foundation & Mercy Corps, NairoBits is rolling out a Microwork program targeting 200 youth who shall be trained and mentored on how to undertake microwok using their phones. Participants shall use their phones to complete microtasks such as transcribing receipts and logo recognition. After each complete task, the microworker earns in crypto currency which (s) he can easily convert and withdraw using M-Pesa.

All participants shall undergo a 2-day on boarding training for the participants shall be undertaken across NairoBits centres in Nairobi. At the end of the training, the participants shall be able to:

a.   Access and complete microwork tasks on an Android smartphone app (“Toca”).

b.   Install and set up a global payment app (“Valora”) on an Android smartphone to receive payment for microwork tasks completed, built on blockchain.

c.        Cash out earned funds from the digital wallet to an M-Pesa account.

Participants shall be able to use the platforms after onboarding to work on microtasks at their convenience. Do you think this description fits you? Join the movement of digital workers by applying to be part of the first cohort today

  • Requirements
  • Age: 18 – 29 years
  • Have a personal smartphone with Android version 6.0 or higher
  • Have a smartphone with a minimum internal storage of 100 megabytes (MB)
  • Have a functional email account
  • Have a functional M-Pesa account