Patricia Mutheu, MCA Mathare

Patricia is a young go-getter who was one of NairoBits first students. As a youth leader and peer educator since she was 10 years old, she always sought opportunities that would her make her a better version of herself. When the opportunity to join NairoBits came along, she went after it.
She defines her time at NairoBits as comprehensive and easygoing, thanks to the trainers and her classmates, who made sure there was exchange of ideas and understanding of the topics. As a result, she established Trishiris Ltd, designing shirts for sale, even before she graduated.
After graduation in 2006, she secured an internship at 3Mice doing corporate websites, and was promoted to web developer all while still running her company.
Patricia’s ambitions have seen her achieve a lot of feats, from being appointed the first female CEO of a male premiere league club in Eastern and Central Africa, working as a consultant for USAID and founding Convict Women, an organization that helps vulnerable women in the prison system.
Training over 60 women in practical skills made her realize there was a gap in legislation of women empowerment and people living in informal settlements. She decided to run for the MCA seat in her Mathare community, where she had strong ties. Her door to door campaign bore fruit and she was elected into the seat, where she hopes to make adequate long term policies that will assist the community as a whole.
She leaves us with a parting shot – Get out of your comfort zone and do it. Look for opportunities, be curious and enjoy life.