Wendy Achieng

Wendy Achieng is a 21 year old bright hopeful about her future. She’s excited to be getting a second chance to pursue her dreams and is determined to live a better life. One that will enable her to support her family and most importantly, her two year old son.

Born in Ruaraka to a single mother, life wasn’t the easiest but they managed their day to day life. In primary school, Wendy was a brilliant girl, often topping her class. This got the attention of donors, who offered to sponsor her secondary education through a local organization. Her dreams of graduating high school were short lived when her family realized that the sponsorship money was being mishandled, which led to her dropping out as her mother couldn’t afford to pay school fees.

“I got bored and idle, feeling hopeless and battling suicidal thoughts. Soon after, i got pregnant” Wendy states, recalling the trying times. “I would go door to door looking for casual work to do so i could support my mom and son.”

It was on one of those days that she bumped into NairoBits youth mobilizers and quickly got interested. So much so that she applied the very same day. Soon after, she joined the institution and has been one of the most hardworking people in her class, enjoying web design in particular.

Wendy hopes to leave a mark in the ICT sector, noting that the opportunity that NairoBits gave her has changed her life. She’s graduating with a diploma in June and is looking forward to joining the job market and making her son proud in everything she does.