Faith Wanjiru

“People say that i talk about NairoBits too much. They wonder how everybody who passes through this program has this deep sense of gratitude. But when it’s the only thing that connects you to the life you want to live, how can you not realize how important an opportunity this is? How can you ever stop saying thank you?” -Faith.

Faith has been through enough struggles, coming from a low income single parent household. Her dreams of going to university collapsed even before they begun. They’ve slept many a day hungry and without a source of income, so she knew further education was a long shot.

” I found out about NairoBits through a family friend and never looked back. Going to school gave me a purpose, and thinking about my future in an office doesn’t seem like a crazy dream anymore. I’ve learnt web design and development, and no one can take those skills away from me. I’m about to be graduating with a diploma and i can develop a website from scratch! Something that i couldn’t do last year. ”

“I want to tell the ladies out there that nothing is impossible when you love what you do. I’m looking forward to growing my career as a developer and assisting my mother however i can”