Eunice Wairimu

Eunice Wairimu, our upcoming cohort graduate, is no stranger to hard work. She’s the first born of three siblings, raised by a single mother. Despite life’s hardships, her mother managed to educate all her children and meet their basic needs. Things took a turn when she got sick and hospitalized for a long period of time. It meant she couldn’t attend to her grocery shop, her only source of livelihood for the family.

Undeterred, Eunice started looking for a job to sustain her siblings and pay their bills. She got a job packing snacks in a factory and teaching young children as a volunteer. “I remember my neighbor coming to our place one day, excited about this school she had heard about from the area chief. She sparked my interest, and the next day, i went to the chief to find out more information. I immediately applied and was elated when i was accepted into the program”

In the beginning of the course, Eunice struggled with self-doubt, wondering if ICT was a career she could pursue despite enjoying it, especially because it was such a male dominated area. She made the choice however to continue on with her studies and has honed her skills as a designer. She has even managed to balance work and school, thanks to her mothers recovery and the trainers understanding her situation, working on weekends and attending school on the weekdays.

“I’m grateful to NairoBits for opening my eyes to a career i would have never thought of in my wildest dreams. I love seeing the look on my mothers face as i explain my projects to her. I know how happy she is that someone cared enough about my education and well-being to give me this opportunity. I feel like i can weather any storm that comes now because i’m educated, and that will always open doors for me”