Queen Karanja

We first encountered Queen in 2017, during an interview for the SisTech 2017 cohort intake. Her shy demeanor was hard to miss, which was a characteristic she carried through her first course level. Growing up, she had always being the girl who kept to herself, and a good performer in school, doing well in her high school education. Lack of funds made it difficult for her to advance her education and she took to caring for her big family and hoping for an opportunity.

“NairoBits was the opportunity i had been praying for. I almost didn’t believe that there was a place i could read and learn at no cost. My family still doesn’t believe the change it’s had on me. Making presentations, group work and pitching to clients have slowly helped me gain my self esteem. I’m happy to know that i have the chance to make it big in tech. Last year, i couldn’t have seen this coming, but here I am, graduating with a diploma in web design and development. I want to become a design expert and help educate my siblings. I just want them to have the same opportunity that was granted to me” -Queen