Friends Of Tunga Is Live

Tunga is a software outsourcing platform with a difference. Their way of working is called Impact Sourcing: the deployment of workers from low-employment areas through outsourcing or by setting up remote or virtual teams using digital technology. It aims to provide higher-income employment and access to new income opportunities to people in informal areas and people without access to education.

They had a hard time getting talented people to bridge their skills gap. And that’s where WeAreBits comes in. Our network of schools provide quality free IT education to the youth who need it most, and Tunga wants to help build our capacity.

This will be possible through the launch of Friends of Tunga program. As of today, anyone who wants to support our mission can become a Friend of Tunga by referring a business lead to the Tunga Team. For each referral that becomes a paying customer, they’ll donate 5% up to EUR1,000 to WeAreBits. This way, we’re able to reach more young people and provide a highly qualified workforce that will truly make an impact.

To refer people to the Tunga team and help us get started, click the link

To find out more about the Friends of Tunga and why it’s a necessary initiative, click the link