Frazier Omondi

Frazier graduated from the NairoBits training program in 2013 and now works as the lead developer at the renown Logic company. Excelling was something that came easy to Frazier, having been ranked first in client projects while studying at Nairobits and securing an internship before graduation.

His discipline and hard working ethics was fueled by his want to better his life. Growing up in an area where a majority of the youth would idle or get into drugs and crime, he knew he wanted a different narrative for himself. NairoBits was the answer to this, helping him to focus on his education and grow the necessary skills required to get employment opportunities. He credits the training program for giving him a sense of goals and allowing him to take the leap into a better lifestyle for himself and his family.

His dream is to pass on the same opportunities he received to the youth in his community and instill the culture of hard work and collective responsibility.