About Us

Nairobits is a registered trust in Nairobi, Kenya and has been in existence since 1999. The name of the Trust is derived from ‘’byte’’, a unit of digital information that consists of ‘bits’. It signifies the bits used to encode a single character of text in a computer. The name is relevant based on the trust’s focus on ICT and the context of NairoBits’ work.

NairoBits was created to empower youth from under-served backgrounds, using Information Communication Technology (ICT). The primary target group is disadvantaged youth from the informal urban settlements of Nairobi aged between 17 and 24 years of age. Youth aged between 15-24 make up 20% of Kenya’s population but are largely disadvantaged in terms of basic human needs, including access to education and skills development in various areas. We exist to promote creative and innovative use of ICT that positively transforms and empowers the youth for an enhanced quality of life, envisioning a workforce with adequate access to equal opportunities and a positive impact in the society.

How we work (Our Theory of Change)
Inequality is a dichotomous concept that affirms adequacy and qualifies inadequacy. It is often employed in describing relationships that define the twin state within humanity; accessibility and inaccessibility. It emphasizes inability to function optimally in a society where growth and development are moral and obligatory states of identity.
NairoBits has been and still is, focused on focused on the changing the ways through which opportunities are apportioned, intentionally or un-intentionally. Overwhelming evidence shows that people with lesser chances to access opportunities are not only poverty stricken, but also reside in the most unfortunate places.
The case of NairoBits focuses on the informal settlements (slum areas) of Kenya, where challenges are as diverse and debilitating as the effects experienced by the population that resides there. This state of affairs called for an intervention that is progressive, in order to supersede the limits of time, while acknowledging the relevance of uniqueness to strategically develop a competitive edge guaranteeing survival even in most uncertain times.
This kind of product could only be found in the dynamism of ICT. Therefore, by inculcating ICT among vulnerable youth, NairoBits not only designed a strategy by which wades off challenges that suffocate employability chances, but also embraced a value addition process that comprehensively offers concrete solutions. The thesis of this lies in the desire to create a ripple effect in these communities through the development of a critical skills set for each trainee.

Our Theory of Change focuses on skills with outputs and impact such as:-

i) Improved economic situation of marginalized young people

ii) Youth and private sector profit from structurally improved match between demand and supply of labor

iii) Young people trained in market relevant skills and are able to find employment/start a business

iv) Training providers deliver relevant and quality skills training including active teaching and learning

v) Partnerships established between government agencies, private sector and training providers

Core Values

NairoBits upholds the following values:

  • Solidarity with disadvantaged youth
  • Passion for creativity and innovation
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness
  • Integrity
  • Working in Partnerships
  • Equity and equality


NairoBits exists to promote creative and innovative use of ICT that positively transforms and empowers disadvantaged youth for enhanced quality of life.


Empowered youth who positively impact society.


NairoBits trust works in partnership with corporate companies, who take up our trained students for internships that build build up to employment opportunities.